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X-Tract 500 Dust & Fume Extractor + Spare Filter

£800.00 + VAT

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The X-Tract 500 is a small dust collector specifically designed for the extraction of particles that are harmful to the human body generated during welding and other processes around the factory.

The X-Tract 500 series triple filter technology utilizes a Primary Effect Filter, High Efficiency Filter and the Metal Wave Net Filter together to provide a multi layered extraction system that catches particles of various sizes. It is suitable for single and double welding stations. It’s light and flexible, and easy to operate.

The unit consists of a box, a filter cartridges, a dust collection drawer, a fan, an ash cleaning device and an electrical system.

This product comes with one X-Tract 500 Dust & Fume Extractor and two X-Tract 500 filter Sets.

Always use genuine X-Tract Replacement Filters

Model X-Tract 500
Power /kw 0.3
Air Volume m3/h 500
Filter Area m2 /
Filter Accuracy 0.3 µm
Noise / Dba 65
Cleaning Method Manual
Size 560x430x430
Weight 27

X-Tract Manual
Extractor CE certificate


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