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X-Tract 290 Smart Fume Extractor

£2,400.00 + VAT

The X-tract 290 is our largest mobile fume extractor and comes with a smart filter system that is self cleaning and allows for longer, more intense operations before needing any kind of maintenance.


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The X-Tract 290 is our large workhorse unit for large areas or long running operations. It is the most powerful and convenient model we have being both mobile and self cleaning with great air volume for its price range.

The smart filter is self cleaning and reduces maintenance costs dramatically in both time and filter replacements. By cleanings its filter as it works it also allows the unit to be run without breaks for much longer without fear of a filter being damaged by over use.


The X-tract 290 is also our largest mobile unit. The omnidirectional locking wheels means that the unit can easily be shifted around your facilities with very little hassle.

Mobility and convenience are important when it comes to fume extraction, especially when a workshop or factory does welding or grinding work in multiple locations. This is why we designed the X-tract 290 to be mobile. The unit can be where the work needs it and not the other way around.



Always use genuine X-Tract Replacement Filters


Model X-Tract 290
Arm Length 3m
Power 2.2 /kw
Air Volume 3000 m³/h
Filter Area 10m²
Filter Accuracy 0.3 µm
Noise 72 / Dba
Cleaning Method Omnidirectional Rotor Back Blow
Size 700 x 800 x 1600mm
Weight 160kg


X-Tract Manual
Extractor CE certificate



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