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X-Tract 200 Fume Extractor Replacement Filter

£95.00 + VAT

Replacement filter for the X-Tract 200 Welding Fume and Dust Extractor.

These filters are easy to clean and reuse. This reduces cost over time as you will not need to buy costly replacement filters nearly as often.

When it does come time to replace the filter, it as a simple and tool free process that can be done quickly.

8 in stock

Replacement extractor filters for the X-Tract 200 model fume and dust extractor are top when it comes to re-usability and reliability.

They function using the sink flow principle; the air enters at the top, and the gas is first filtered by a high-efficiency filter and then adsorbed by activated carbon to achieve national environmental protection standard.

Once the filter fills simply remove it from the extractor and clean using an ordinary vacuum, allowing the filter to be used multiple times.