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The Health and Safety Executives of the UK have set out a number of stringent guidelines regarding safe welding procedures. These include Welding Fume Controls and specifically the minimum required airflow for LEV systems to maintain during welding.


The HSE state:

Welding fume (which includes irritating gases such as oxides of nitrogen and ozone) may cause respiratory irritation and metal fume fever. It can also increase susceptibility to pneumonia. In the longer term, it can lead to serious lung diseases including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which used to be called chronic bronchitis, and emphysema, occupational asthma and cancer.

Shielding gases (such as argon, helium and nitrogen, or argon-based mixtures containing carbon dioxide, oxygen or both) can cause asphyxiation (suffocation from lack of oxygen), usually resulting from accumulation of the gases in confined spaces.

Fume and dust from allied processes, eg flame and arc cutting, blasting and post-weld dressing, can cause lung disease. Abrasive blasting produces a great deal of dust that includes metals and metal oxides.



X-Tract extractors meet all HSE guidelines


X-Tract Fume Extraction Units size scale chart


  • LEV or Local Exhaust Ventilation systems are incredibly useful for removing these harmful fumes. You can read more about LEV systems on the HSE Website.

We developed our system specifically for the UK market to meet required HSE rules and provide sufficient protection for welders and other employees. We have also added features that allow our extraction units to assist during other processes that create harmful particles that could cause health concerns. This includes general tasks such as grinding or sanding.

  • Our Extraction units are equipped with spark arresters and fire resistant materials allowing them to be used for a wide range of welding types including MIG and TIG welding.

Our fume extraction units have passed on site HSE inspections for a number of customers and the low maintenance makes them the absolute best option with keeping in line with the latest HSE guidelines now and for years to come.

Ben Wright :

These are great little units, perfect for welding fume on small jobs and approved by our LEV insurance inspections.

Ben purchased a number of X-tract 500 units for their factory in October of 2020.


Our extractors have proved themselves time and again as an affordable and reliable option for small and large businesses looking to protect their workers and meet with government safety guidelines.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch with our sales team to discuss our available models. Fill out our contact form or email or simply give us a call on 0333 939 8888



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